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David Greenhalgh is a leading solicitor within this specialist field of employment law. David has over 25 years of experience helping advise employees and senior executives when it comes to their settlement agreements. Serving clients predominantly in London and the South East, but also offering services nationally, David’s goal is to secure the best possible outcome as soon as possible when it comes to your settlement agreement. From helping to advise you and sign off your settlement agreement settlement on a same-day basis, to negotiating for better terms including increased payment, to agreeing on a positive leaving statement or a reference. David has a wealth of experience to advise you on your settlement agreement. 

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At Settlement Agreements London David has the experience to achieve a number of fantastic outcomes for his employees and senior executive clients. Some of the results he has achieved include: 

  • Signing off settlement agreements on a same day basis to enable employees to comply with strict return deadlines set by their employers.
  • Successfully negotiating a x10 increase in ex-gratia payment to reflect a potential high value discrimination claim being waived.
  • Getting notice pay increased to include employer pension contributions and benefits.
  • Negotiating a positive leaving statement and wording to prevent employer from criticising the client post termination.
  • Obtaining a payment of a pro-rata bonus in excess of £75k – where bonus rules stated that no bonus would be due.
  • Agreeing that share options that would otherwise have been lost, could vest on a pro-rata basis.
  • Negotiating an extension of medical cover to allow the employee to continue having essential medical treatment post termination of employment.
  • Agreeing the removal of a 12 month non-compete restriction and a 50% reduction in the length of other post termination restrictions.

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Why Choose David For Your Settlement Agreement Solicitor London?

David’s goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome on your settlement agreement with complete transparency. With over 25 years of experience in signing off and negotiating settlement agreements, with his tactical expertise David has achieved great results with his in-depth knowledge of how employers think. He’ll work alongside you to help you achieve your end goal. 

About David Greenhalgh

David Greenhalgh is a nationally recognised settlement agreement solicitor ranking as a Leading Individual in the Legal 500 2023 edition. David’s background as a litigator working on complex high court cases such as  Sunrise Brokers v Rodgers  and on the Omagh Bombing Families Civil Action against the Real IRA means that you will benefit from his tactical expertise and by having him in your corner when it comes to your settlement agreement you can have confidence in the results David can achieve. 

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Settlement Agreement Guides 

David offers a range of expert guides for employees and senior executives on a range of topics surrounding settlement agreements including ‘how to negotiate terms’. Read the latest guides to find out more. 

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Latest Settlement Agreement News & Industry Insights

If you’re looking to keep up to date about the latest settlement agreement news and industry insights then David’s blogs are the perfect place to look. The blogs offer expert advice, insights and learning about all the latest developments around settlement agreements, read our blogs page to find out more. 

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“I was already happy with the settlement agreement terms I had been offered but only had limited time to accept.  David provided a fast turnaround service which enabled me to get same day advice and sign off”

“The Invaluable advice I got from David helped me feel in control.  He negotiated me a far better deal than was offered to me originally.”

“David held my hand throughout a very messy exit and with his help I left with a large financial settlement to see me through to my next role”

“David was great on tactics. He helped me prepare for my redundancy consultation meeting which resulted in me being offered a decent exit package”

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If you want to find out more about how David can help you with your settlement agreement, get in touch with him today via phone, email or by filling in the online contact form. David will get in touch with you to see what he can do to support you and help you achieve your end goal. 


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